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Logic refers to the ultimate flow of your code and how you arrive your desired solution. Questions should relate to finding a coding solution (or improving existing coding logic) to a given problem. Please use with an appropriate language tag, a thorough description of your logic, and the relevant code you're working on. General logic questions are off-topic. If you simply need a code review, consider

Note that the bulk of questions tagged logic concern the broad sense of program logic described in the excerpt above. Before using the tag, consider if a tag about a more specialised logic-related topic would be a better fit. Examples include:

  • boolean-logic or logical-operators;
  • logic-programming;
  • digital-logic;
  • design-by-contract (reasoning about invariants and pre-/post-conditions);
  • sat or smt (satisfiability problems);
  • hoare-logic
  • first-order-logic;
  • three-valued-logic or fuzzy-logic;
  • modal-logic.

Furthermore, if your question is about one of those specialised topics, consider whether it essentially involves programming in some way. If it doesn't, it will likely be more appropriately posted elsewhere in the network. Some sites in which such questions might be a good fit, depending on the circumstances of each concrete case, are Philosophy, Mathematics and Computer Science.