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In many programming languages, the main function, subroutine, or method marks the entry point of the program. It is generally the first-programmer-written function run when a program starts.

The main function or method is where a program starts execution in many programming languages. It is responsible for the high-level organization of the program's functionality, and typically has access to the command arguments given to the program when it was executed.

The main function is generally the first programmer-written function run when a program starts, and is invoked directly from the system-specific initialization contained in the C runtime or equivalent.

In the Java language, when you execute a class with the Java interpreter, the runtime system starts by calling the class's main() method.

Some languages can execute user-written functions before main runs, such as the constructors of C++ global objects.

The main tag is used for questions related to the main function, subroutine, method or equivalent entry point to a program.