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Changing the starting point of a branch in a Version Control System.

An operation in a version control system or a special way of creating a shared library. (In order of the question counts in Stack Overflow)

Version Control Systems

In some source control system (also known as Version Control Systems o vcs) that support branches a rebase is one of the ways of integrating the changes of one branch into another by changing the "father" or starting point of a branch.


See git-rebase.


Support it's still in an early status (March 2013)


There is a Rebase Extension for mercurial as noted in "How to do a rebase like git's rebase"


There is no rebase support but using merge --reintegrate might be considered as a similar operation as mentioned in "Subversion rebase?" and "Subversion Branch Reintegration v1.5"

Shared Libraries

Creating a shared library to avoid conflicts with other libraries in the usage of virtual memory. (Wikipedia)